Sirui VS-60 Photography/ Video Slider

  • Extremely compact construction and sleek design
  • 52cm sliding plate track with rubber stoppers to limit range
  • Large release plate (63x63mm) on four rollers
  • Release plate with 3/8″ connection
  • Spirit level for precise alignment
  • Adjustable rubber feet
  • Two Arca Swiss-compatible quick release plates on the underside
  • Two 1/4″ connectors on the underside and at the edge of the release plate
  • Material: Best quality aluminium
  • Gauge: 2.3cm

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SIRUI VS-60 Photography/ Video Slider

Steady tracking shots have never been easier

With its sleek design and extremely compact construction, the SIRUI VS-60 video slider is an absolute must-have for the ambitious film-maker. It is always available as it fits in virtually any camera bag and is assembled in a few steps.

Measuring 52cm, the slider allows blur-free and quiet camera movements to be achieved. With two stoppers, the range can be limited, and uneven surfaces pose no problems thanks to the adjustable rubber feet. If more height is required, the track can quickly and easily be mounted on one or two tripods using the two release plates or 1/4″ threads.

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