Sirui VD-01 Anamorphic Lens & Clip Adapter MSC-06

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Sirui VD-01 Anamorphic Lens & Clip Adapter MSC-06

Sirui VD-01 Anamorphic Lens
Express the director to you.

2.40:1 Aspect Ratio
Create a cinematic widescreen film vision with an aspect ratio of 2.40:1.

Retro-Style Anti-Reflective Coating
Produce sci-fi light leak and lens flare effects with the retro-style, anti-reflective coating. It can be a challenge for standard lenses and post-production applications to achieve the distinctive sci-fi lens flare effects generated by the Sirui Anamorphic Lens.

Reject Plastic
Each element of this lens is constructed using German-manufactured Schott optical glass with multi-layer, anti-reflective coatings. The lens housing is made using aircraft-grade aluminum components.

No Need for Heavy and Cumbersome DSLR’s
Shoot Easy with the Sirui Anamorphic Lens.

Capture Stunning Images Anytime and Anywhere
Attaches easily to Sirui Mobile Lens Adapter


SIRUI MSC-06 Mobile Lens Clip Adapter is a tool for attachment of SIRUI mobile phone auxiliary lenses to mobile phone and is applicable for most of the mainstream mobile phones and tablet computers. Locking adapter and safety locking pin provide double security for lens to lock tight fix and prevent lens from loosening. It is easy to attach and remove lens through rotation, and the lens clip adapter is available for front and back mobile phone cameras.



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