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Sirui ST 224 ST 20 Carbon Fiber Tripod Online Buy Mumbai India 01
Sirui ST-224 + ST-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod

You save 9,241!

You save 9,241!

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Sirui ST-224 + ST-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod

You save 9,241!

  • Load Capacity : 15 kg / 33 lb
  • Max. Height with Column : 72.44″ (183.9cm)
  • Max. Height without Column : 58.66″ (148.9cm)
  • Waterproof : Yes
  • Tripod Weight : 1.95 kg
  • Head Weight : 0.55 kg
  • Material : Carbon Fiber
  • Center Column : Yes
  • Section : 4
  • Warranty : Sirui India 6 Years Limited Warranty

1 in stock


Sirui ST-224 + ST-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod

In The Box

  • Sirui ST-224 + ST-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod


  • Taller and More Stable
    Compared to the ST-224 tripod in the same lineup, ST-224 tripod is taller, stronger, and more stable to hold larger and heavier setups.
  • Triangular Center Column
    Constructed with carbon fiber, the center column and the legs are lightweight, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant. The triangular center column gives the tripod a fairly compact size when collapsed.
  • Quick Release System
    Press the quick-release pin to quickly remove the center column for a lighter kit and a lower shooting angle.
    Reverse the center column and insert it directly into the tripod for quick setup. Compared to a column locking knob, a quick-release pin is more handy and simple to use.
    Mount the ST-Z short center column to the tripod for low-angle shots.
  • Quick-Release Threaded Stud
    Press the quick-release button to quickly switch between the 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded stud.
  • Waterproof
    The twist leg locks are tightly sealed to prevent water, dirt, and dust from entering the tube.
  • Accessory Ports
    A wide range of accessories can be attached to the tripod via the 1/4″ and 3/8″ accessory ports.
  • Rubber Feet and Spikes
    Rubber feet and metal spikes are included to handle many different surfaces. Retract the rubber feet to reveal the spikes.
  • ST-220 Low-Profile Ball Head Dual Panning Systems
    360° panorama function can be achieved via the panning base and the panning clamp. The vertical notch enables the ball head to shoot vertically.
  • Anti-Twist Pins
    The universal Arca-Swiss plate comes with anti-twist pins. When pulled up, the anti-twist pins lock the gear securely in place, reducing the possibility of accidentally falling.
    The ball head is made of solid aluminum alloy to be sturdy and durable. The ultra-low profile design keeps the camera closer to the tripod apex for more stability.
  • Integrated Knob
    A friction control knob is built onto the ball locking knob. Adjust the friction of the ball according to the weight of the mounted gear. A minor twist is enough even for a heavy setup.

Additional information




Tripod : ST-224

  • Material : Carbon Fiber
  • Sections : 4
  • Tube Dia.  : 18.6-29.4 mm
  • Weight : 1.95 kg
  • Max. Load : 15 kg
  • Retracted Height  : 610 mm
  • Min. Height : 520 mm
  • Max. Height  : 1840 mm

Head : ST-20

  • Diameter  : 40 mm
  • Height  : 90 mm
  • Weight  : 0.55 kg
  • Max. Load  : 35 kg