Sirui HC-30 Electronic Humidity Control Dry Cabinet

  • Protect Items from Dust, Dirt, Humidity
  • Controllable Dehumidifying System
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Screen
  • Welded 1.2mm-Thick Steel Enclosure
  • Tempered Glass Door with Air-Tight Seal
  • Silent Running, Energy Efficient
  • Sirui India 1 Year Limited Warranty

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  1. Sirui HC-30 Electronic Humidity Control Dry Cabinet
  2. The precision built automatic electronic humidity control system is designed for long-term storage applications.
  3. The SIRUI designed high performance dehumidifying system quickly controls humidity levels, is highly efficient, energy-saving and non-polluting.
  4. Internal placement of the humidity control elements protects the components from damage.
  5. The cabinet enclosure is constructed of 1.2mm high-strength, cold-rolled steel and is precision welded to guarantee structural integrity and long life.
  6. The glass door is made with high quality tempered glass. It is moisture-proof, dust-proof and has an excellent air-tight seal.
  7. The system will maintain the relative humidity up to 24 hours after the power is shut off.

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