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Sirui B25R Bendable RGB Light Online Buy Mumbai India 1
Sirui B25R-D Bendable RGB Light

Sirui B25R-D Bendable RGB Light

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  • Color Temperature : 2700 to 8500K
  • CRI : 96
  • Illuminance : 2000lux / 0.5m
  • Warranty : Sirui India 1 Year Warranty


Sirui B25R-D Bendable RGB Light

In The Box

  • Sirui B25R-D Bendable RGB Light
  • Adapter


  • World’s First Bendable LED Light
    The B25R can be bent inwards or outwards to properly illuminate a subject. The curved light beams created by the B25R separate the subject from the background and lend it a premium look.
  • Quick Combination
    Each end of the B25R features a quick-release design, which allows you to seamlessly combine several lights together for a longer, brighter light source.
    It often takes several flat light sources and multiple reflectors to sketch product silhouettes in a video shoot or live stream, which is complicated and requires a lot of space.
  • Common Scenarios
    The B25R is ideal for creating rim lights and streak lights for stills, products and portraits. Grab one to create vivid lighting effects for your scenes.
  • 2 Lights On 1 Stand
    The B25R has three 1/4’’ screw holes for use on light stands. A specially designed connector is included in the two-light kit. With the connector attached, a stand can hold a total of two lights for wider illumination while taking up less space on set.
  • Full Color Capability
    Wide CCT Range
    The B25R has a wide color temperature range from 2700K to 8500K. G/M adjustment is added to the CCT mode to balance the color shift from green to magenta, maintaining the uniformity of light sources in the same set.
    RGB Mode
    In this mode, you can individually adjust red, green and blue to produce the most accurate colors.
  • User-Programmable Presets
    A total of 10 user-programmable presets can be saved to have your preferred looks at the ready.
  • 16 Lighting Effects
    FX mode allows you to quickly recreate realistic lighting effects for many scenarios.
  • Superior Performance
    The B25R can achieve an output of 2000lux at 0.5 meter. The high CRI and TLCI ratings demonstrate the light’s advanced capability in rendering color.
  • Dual Power Solutions
    The light can be run off an AC adapter or through an NP-F970 battery for creative shooting on location or in the studio.


Additional information




  • Model : B25R
  • Dimensions : 583x75x32.3mm
  • Adapter : 9v 4a
  • CCT : 2700K ∼ 8500K
  • Power Consumption : Max 25w
  • Weight : 960g / 2.12lbs
  • Special Effect : 16
  • 100% Illuminance (LUX) : 2000lux / 0.5m
  • Ambient Temperature Operation : -10°C ∼ 45°C
  • TLCI : 98
  • CRI : 96