Sirui 5A Traveler Tripod

  • Perfect Travel Tripod
  • Reverse-Folding Legs
  • Removable Center Column for Low-Angles
  • Sirui India 6 Years Limited Warranty

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Sirui 5A Traveler Tripod

Semi-automatic Leg angel adjustment button
Facilitate leg angel Adjustment

Three angle Adjustable
Set up the legs for multi-angle shooting and different shooting scenarios.

Switch the mounting screw from 3/8” to 1/4”
Easily convert the mounting screw from 3/8” tp 1/4” by removing ans switching with the provided Allen key.

Retractable Centre Column
For ultra low angle and Macro shots.

Twist Leg Lock
Extend/Retract the legs with a quick half turn twist.

180° Reverse Fold-up
Fold the legs for a compact and portable fit.


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